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Pure borrows Pantone's colors for a vibrant set of wireless speakers

pure speakers
pure speakers

From giant screens to glowing drones, there were plenty of flashy technologies competing for attention at CES Unveiled tonight. But from a small table, Pure managed to bring in a crowd of its own with nothing more than its new line of speakers. Though Pure's big announcement is the US launch of a midsized speaker called the Jongo T4, its catchiest items on display were actually revisions of wireless speakers that it's already had on the market.

To kick off 2014, Pure has taken its existing line of speakers and wrapped them in bright new colors. If you're a fan of its color selections, that's no accident: Pure specifically chose colors that have been singled out by Pantone as desirable, from Radiant Orchid — its color of the year for 2014 — to Dazzling Blue, the most popular color at New York Fashion Week.

Pure isn't ignoring those who are just looking for a low-key speaker for their living room though. It's also introducing a series of neutral colors, also with selections identified by Pantone. Their earth tones are a bit easier to pass over in a room — just as they're designed to — but it's hard to deny that they don't look good.

Pure's colorful speaker family


Jongo T2 wireless speaker in Radiant Orchid