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Canon's new compact superimposes selfies on your snapshots

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Gallery Photo: Canon PowerShot N100 images
Gallery Photo: Canon PowerShot N100 images

Last year at CES Canon introduced the PowerShot N, a tiny compact camera with an emphasis on smartphone-style social photo sharing. This time around we're getting the next entry in the series, the PowerShot N100, and the smartphone similarities are even more pronounced. The N100's standout feature is a rear-facing camera that can take a picture of the photographer at the moment they capture their image with the primary lens; the selfie is then overlaid on the main photo, similar to iOS app Frontback and a feature included on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Canon's mobile influence doesn't end there; the N100 also comes with with an array of filters and employs NFC and Wi-Fi functionality to help you get your photos on to your phone. On the technical side of things, the N100 has a 12-megapixel sensor and a 5x optical zoom lens that starts at 24mm f/1.8. The industrial design is more in line with Canon's S series of premium compact cameras than the previous N, and features a tiltable 3-inch touchscreen. The N100 will be available in May for $349.99.