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Your next phone might protect you from bacteria

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Corning today announced that its long-awaited Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass is ready. The company, whose Gorilla Glass adorns many of the world's smartphones, revealed it was developing the glass last year, but chose to formally announce the product at CES, where it will showcase its antimicrobial properties to attendees. According to the company, "the world's first EPA-registered antimicrobial cover glass" will inhibit the growth of algae, mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria.

The secret to Gorilla Glass' new party trick is ionic silver, which is worked into its structure at "precise levels" as to not impede viewing or durability. Because the silver is an ever-present part of the glass, Corning says its antimicrobial properties will remain effective for the lifetime of a device. The new glass is currently being tested by a number of manufacturers, and we'll no doubt see it integrated into smartphones, tablets, and other touch-enabled devices soon.