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Blackberry hires former Sony Ericsson executive as head of devices business

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BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z10

Ron Louks will take over Blackberry's devices and emerging solutions business, according to a statement from the company today. The former Sony Ericsson executive will hopefully bring a much-needed boost in salesmanship to the division of Blackberry that lost tons of customers to rivals like Apple and Google. Blackberry's newest CEO John Chen said in the statement that most of Louks' time will be spent with customers, carriers, and partners. "On our path to return BlackBerry to profitability, nothing is more important than remaining deeply connected to our customers, and designing and delivering secure products that exceed their expectations," Chen said.

This latest hire comes barely a month after Chen brought in former SAP executive John Sims as president of its global enterprise services division. Hiring Louks shows that Blackberry still wants to focus on its mobile-device division, despite speculation that the company could abandon it in the wake of huge losses.