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Samsung announces major 4K streaming partnership with Amazon, Netflix, and others

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In addition to inking a deal with Technicolor's M-GO streaming service, Samsung today announced a major partnership with Netflix, Amazon, Comcast, and DirecTV to provide 4K streaming to consumers via their latest UHD TVs. The company hopes that the deal will speed up widespread adoption of 4K in 2014.

Samsung detailed in its announcement that its plans to let consumers stream UHD content from each provider via applications on Samsung's Smart Hub. In addition to the new content options, the company announced what it calls its UHD Video Pack, a hard drive with movies and documentaries from studios like 20th Century Fox and Paramount. Samsung promises that users will eventually be able to download 50 new items via Smart Hub through the year.

Samsung is pushing 4K into the mainstream

Samsung's new deal comes a year after Sony launched its own 4K distribution platform, creating a nascent 4K market in the process. Sony went on to release its 4K Media Player in July, preloaded with 10 full-length movies at the time. However, with both cable and online streaming partners like Netflix (recall that the second season of House of Cards was filmed in 4K) in its corner, Samsung is making an excellent case for 4K going mainstream this year.