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Huawei's huge Ascend Mate 2 4G works as an iPhone charger

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huawei richard yu ascend mate 2
huawei richard yu ascend mate 2

Battery drain is a constant concern for smartphone users, but Huawei is confident in its latest flagship’s endurance power. So confident, in fact, that it’s positioning the phone as a portable battery pack for other mobile devices. The Ascend Mate 2 4G is a straightforward follow-up to last year’s colossal phone/tablet hybrid, but Huawei’s consumer CEO Richard Yu says its 4050mAh battery should be good for over two days of heavy use — or you could just use it to charge your iPhone instead. Yu also revealed on stage at CES 2014 that the 6.1-inch 720p device will be making its way to the US in March, representing something of a coup for Huawei; the company has historically struggled to get American carriers to sell its premium devices.


Additional reporting by Adrianne Jeffries.