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Ex-Apple engineer creates LyveHome to manage and protect all your photos and videos

Ex-Apple engineer creates LyveHome to manage and protect all your photos and videos

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It's a huge pain to store and manage all your photos and videos on any platform, but Lyve thinks they have the solution. The company formerly known as Black Pearl Systems revealed its LyveHome system at PepCom 2014, a device similar to an external hard drive that is "an infinite camera roll" to hold all your photos and videos, and make them accessible over all your other devices. The boxy device has a touch screen on one side that let's you control how you store and view files, and you can use the Lyve app which is available on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows.

Every photo and every video, across all devices, all the time

Lyve claims you never have to worry about deleting photos or video to make room for new ones. The system can already hold several million photos and hours of video, and Lyve constantly shuffles data between your connected devices and its cloud storage so that space is never an issue. The system also gets smart about your content, tracking where and when you take photos and video, automatically creating events, albums, and collections, and syncing all of it automatically across all your devices.

Lyve has been surrounded by buzz since mid-2013 when it was started as Black Pearl Systems by ex-Apple hardware engineer Tim Bucher. When Bucher started the company, he wasted no time to get some notable colleagues to join in, including Joseph Palmer, who was in charge of hardware engineering at Danger; Jeff Ma, who designed the UI of the Apple TV; and 15 people that he hired away from Netflix. People have been talking about what kind of hardware the company could come out with ever since it registered trademarks for terms like "home data center" and "personal data center." Photos and videos are some of the most personal things we have to manage, and Lyve Minds is banking on that idea, hoping people will want a separate, secure system to protect their personal, digital lives.

LyveHome and its accompanying app will be available in spring 2014 and will retail at $299.