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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's collaborative variety show 'HitRecord on TV' debuts online

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HitRecord on TV
HitRecord on TV

Even though Joseph Gordon-Levitt's modern variety show is still slated to premiere on Pivot on the 18th, the actor has seen fit to upload the full 22-minute episode of HitRecord on TV online. Considering that the entire series is comprised of the work of thousands of online artists providing the scripts, music, and even animation, it's only fitting that the show should live online first.

The episode, appropriately titled "Re: The Number One," concerns observations on the number one in peoples' lives. Gordon-Levitt plays the affable emcee throughout, dressed like a lounge lizard with a camera in place of his microphone, as he guides the whimsical — and expertly edited — narrative along from sketch to sketch. The quality of this painstaking work shines throughout; even if a few moments might be considered cheesy or sentimental at times, the host's charm makes the entire episode stand out from the likes of, say, SNL. That JGL is able to wrestle this kind of project together at all is quite the feat. We look forward to the rest of the series.