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Netflix will produce all original shows in 4K

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netflix, reed hastings, sony
netflix, reed hastings, sony

If 4K televisions were one of the big stories of CES last year, the availability of 4K content is shaping up to be a big story this time around. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings just took the stage at Sony's press conference to announce that all new Netflix original programming will be shot and finished in 4K — a perfect fit for the company's push for 4K streaming.

Sony is promoting its new 4K televisions, and despite the company's downloadable solution partners like Netflix will be integral to the success of 4K in the home. Hastings said that Netflix has been working on making 4K a viable option for streaming — not everyone has FiOS, after all — and that the Netflix Ultra HD service will work at bitrates under 15 Mbps. Netflix joins Amazon, which announced last year that it would be shooting all of its 2014 shows in 4K before upping the ante today with a list of 4K partnerships with Samsung, Warner Bros., and Lionsgate.