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Intel phases out McAfee brand name, distancing itself from controversial founder John McAfee

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When you think of McAfee, you might think of the Intel-owned antivirus software company, or you might think of the former druggie and part-time fugitive who founded that company over 20 years ago. Or perhaps both. Either way, Intel is attempting to sever that inconvenient association. At CES 2014 in Las Vegas, the company has announced that it will be phasing out the McAfee brand name for its security software in favor of the simpler "Intel Security." According to an Intel representative, the company named McAfee will still stick around as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel, but the software rebranding will begin immediately. The company estimates it may take a year to complete.

Out of all the things that John McAfee has done that may or may not create negative associations with the McAfee brand name, this might have been the most direct: a viral video John McAfee released in June of last year, entitled "How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus" and filled with drugs, guns, and profanity. You have been warned.

Update: John McAfee tells the BBC that he's pleased by the decision. "I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet. These are not my words, but the words of millions of irate users. My elation at Intel's decision is beyond words."