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Sleep Number unveils the x12, a bed that tracks your every snooze

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sleep number x12
sleep number x12

The rise of wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit and Basis are training us to pay more attention to our sleeping habits by tracking how often we wake up during the night and how many hours of rest we really get. Now Select Comfort, makers of the popular Sleep Number line of beds, is building its tracker directly into the bed. The x12, which the company is showing off at CES for the first time, automatically measures your breathing rate, movement, and average heart rate. "All you have to do is sleep," the company says.

Data from your sleep is displayed in companion apps for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. The technology, which the company is calling Sleep IQ, scores your rest and offers you suggestions for how to improve it. The company says SleepIQ can be turned off and that your data remains private.


The bed also includes all the standard Sleep Number features, including the air chambers that can be adjusted to modify the firmness of the mattress. The x12 goes on sale February 8th, with a queen bed starting at $7,999.99. Other beds in the Sleep Number lineup will begin shipping with the SleepIQ feature later this year. Given fitness trackers' popularity, it's only natural that bed manufacturers are beginning to implement one of their most popular features. The question yet to be answered is whether a bed can offer better tracking.