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RP One is an Xbox-style controller for your iPhone and iPad

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RP One controller
RP One controller

The first wave of iOS 7 game controllers failed to impress, but the RP One is trying something a bit different. Whereas early efforts from Logitech and Moga doubled as phone cases, the RP One is simply a Bluetooth controller that works with your iOS devices. It looks a lot like an Xbox controller, and because it's not a case, it's no longer limited to just your iPhone — it'll work with both your iPad and iPod Touch as well.

It's a similar tack that SteelSeries took with its just-announced iOS 7 gamepad. RP One's controller also comes with a stand to keep your mobile device propped up, and creator Signal USA claims that its battery lasts up to 10 hours. The $99.99 controller is expected to launch during the first half of the year, but for now all we have to go on is the render above. Of course, whether or not it will launch alongside a great lineup of supported games is another question.