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Movea's fitness band reference design aims for absolute accuracy above all else

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Movea G-series multisport wristband
Movea G-series multisport wristband

In the competitive world of fitness trackers, the focus is often on new features or motivational tricks — even if the legitimacy of the basic data being collected remains a bit of a mystery. Movea, a company that specializes in motion-tracking software and firmware, has partnered up with Texas Instruments and design firm Xm-Squared to address that issue by creating a reference design for what it claims is the "world's most accurate" fitness wristband: the G-series.

Like a Fitbit display paired with a FuelBand

The stylish device looks like someone paired a Fitbit display with a Nike+ FuelBand, but design isn't the only story. The G-series performs the usual tracking of steps, calories, and distance traveled that one would expect, but it can also detect the posture of the user — whether they're standing, sitting, walking, or running. It also has the ability to suss out nuanced information when it comes to sports, detecting the speed a user may be running, as well as their cadence when jogging or biking. Sleep tracking and sleep cycle analysis are also available.

The G-series performs all these tasks with what Movea says is best-in-class accuracy. The company says the band averaged an error rate of under 1.7 percent in step tracking, while its unnamed competitors came in at 6.3 percent or higher. The device's sleep tracking is also said to closely match the results found in tests performed in hospitals. Of course, given that the G-series is simply a reference design we'll have to wait until a manufacturer takes the device and runs with it before a product arrives on store shelves. Given the incredible interest in wearables, however — not to mention the number of companies that continue to enter the market — we imagine that'll be happening sooner rather than later.