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Mercedes-Benz announces in-car integration with Nest thermostat

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MB Nest integration
MB Nest integration

At CES today, Mercedes-Benz announced that it will be adding Nest support to its vehicles, meaning that drivers will be able to tweak the temperature at home right through their dashboards. The integration makes quite a bit of sense — remote control is one of the big features of Nest's popular connected thermostats — but Mercedes is taking it a step further: you'll be able to set your house to automatically heat up or cool down when you're on your way home.

The connected car has been one of the main stories of CES this year — multiple automakers are debuting apps and app platforms at the show — but many of the announcements have focused on streaming music and location-based services. In that regard, smart-home integration is a particularly interesting angle, particularly with this wildly popular brand on board. The app will be available this spring with the launch of Mercedes' Digital DriveStyle smartphone companion app.