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Life Space UX: Sony unveils its wild idea for the future of interfaces

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At CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Sony's Kaz Hirai just announced an ambitious new interface concept — Life Space UX. The idea is to merge your home and technology into a seamless experience. "The conventional boundaries are being transformed, if not vanishing altogether," said Hirai. In a demonstration, Hirai showed off windows doubling as screens and vice versa. "Imagine being an avid surfer and having the perfect wall-sized window to see the world's most vivid surf spots in real time on your television," he explained.

"These objects must be fantastic objects of sensation that engage all of our senses."

It wasn't all just a futuristic concept, however, as Sony also revealed an actual product coming this summer — the Ultra Short Throw Projector, for displaying high resolution images on the walls of your home. It also includes a depth sensor so that you can make flat surfaces interactive, essentially turning something like a regular table into a smart device with a touchscreen. It's all part of Sony's goal of keeping electronics from being boring. "These objects must be fantastic objects of sensation that engage all of our senses," said Hirai. "I am optimistic about the role that consumer electronics will play in advancing the human experience."

The presentation ended with a simple message further emphasizing this goal: "Be moved."