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Fleksy lets you type for the first time on a Galaxy Gear smartwatch (hands-on)

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fleksy for galaxy gear
fleksy for galaxy gear

If speaking into a Galaxy Gear smart watch Dick Tracy style isn't your thing, Fleksy has a solution for you. The company today showed off its software keyboard on a Galaxy Gear for the first time. The predictive keyboard looks exactly how it does on iOS and Android, but shrunk down to the Gear's screen size. This means Fleksy takes up three quarters of the Gear's screen, but it works shockingly well, thanks to its trademark auto-correct feature.

The keyboard appears when you tap inside any text field, like in the Gear's stock Notes app. After you finish typing a word, you swipe right to lock in your word. If Fleksy's suggestion is incorrect, you swipe down on the keyboard to swap in another word suggestion, or swipe right to backspace. Fleksy for Galaxy Gear is in fact the same Android app that appears in the Google Play store for phones and tablets, COO Ioannis Verdelis says. After seeing a post on developer forum XDA, Verdelis was inspired to try it out himself. It worked well enough that Fleksy is now promoting a Gear smart watch on its website alongside iPhone and Android devices.

If you want to try out Fleksy for Galaxy Gear for yourself, you can download the APK for yourself from Google Play and sideload it onto the Gear. If and when Samsung launches a real App Store for Gear, you'll presumably be able to find it there as well.