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Samsung's ridiculously loud Giga speaker is kind of awesome

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Samsung Giga Box
Samsung Giga Box

Two years ago Samsung introduced the GIGA, a speaker system designed to be used for impromptu parties, and now it's back with one you can roll with you down the street. The GIGA MX-HS8500, which is being shown off at CES, builds off the old model by adding wheels on the bottom and controls to the top. That includes a DJ fader that can adjust any music that's playing using a big circular knob, and an array of buttons to turn on different EQs like "football mode" and a big bass boost.

Roll your own party

While there are myriad speakers at CES, this one came close to deafening in a brief demo, especially when the bass was turned up. The 2,500 watt speaker connects over Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. It can also be hooked up to recent model Samsung TVs to wirelessly beam sound across a house, and with auxiliary jacks on the front of the unit.

Samsung doesn't have a price for the MX-HS8500 just yet, though as a point of comparison the previous models (without wheels) ran between $1,000 and $1,400