The first two days of CES are a non-stop, insane flow of news. Company after company takes the stage to talk about new products and new ideas, and to convince press and buyers alike that their products are going to take over the world this year. And every once in a while, if we're lucky, something truly remarkable happens.

This year in Las Vegas, there was no Big Bird. (But there was Bean Bird.) There was also a slew of new, huge, high-resolution TVs and PCs, and a massive focus on wearable devices. In 48 hours we've seen countless new devices, prototypes, and ambitious plans for how we'll work and live in the future.

The defining moments of CES often happen during these press events. So we've compiled below the best moments from the best keynotes at this year's show, from Samsung to Sony to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Watch them all, and you'll get the best view of CES short of actually being in Vegas, from Asus CEO Jonney Shih shouting "ninety-nine dollars!" at the top of his lungs to Sony CEO Kaz Hirai's vision of a future where our screens and our windows are one. Don't miss a moment.