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Apple reportedly facing hurdles with smartwatch production

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tim cook wwdc 2013
tim cook wwdc 2013

Apple has faced several setbacks in its attempt to design a smartwatch, according to The Information. Those include unsatisfactory battery performance attributed to display issues. Apple has explored switching the display technology used within its smartwatch, according to the report, though The Information doesn't mention what sort of panels are under consideration. Apple also called off production of iWatch components with one supplier late last year, the report claims, but even editor-in-chief Jessica Lessin hedges that this detail may not be significant. But Apple is said to have a "sizable" team working on bringing its first smartwatch to market.

That likely includes ex-Nike design director Ben Shaffer, who played a large part in development of the popular Nike Fuelband. The company has also reportedly hired a variety of fitness and wearable experts. But even with all that talent, it does appear that Apple has faced problems; all the way back in March of 2013, the oft-reliable Bloomberg claimed that Apple would release its smartwatch by year's end. At the time, The Verge corroborated the story with our own sources. CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly hinted that Apple will move into a new product category sometime in 2014.