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Oculus may be developing its own games with the help of John Carmack

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occulus rift
occulus rift

With over $100 million in funding, Oculus is no longer merely preparing a virtual reality headset for market. The company behind the Oculus Rift has realized it needs to build an entire VR platform. Oculus previously told us it would use some of that money to assist and even help fund game developers taking a risk on the unproven technology. Now, however, Engadget is reporting that Oculus may also build its very own games.

According to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, who spoke to the publication, famed game developer John Carmack is part of that effort. After leaving his company id Software to work on Oculus full-time, Iribe says that he has imbued Oculus with his philosophy that game development and technology development should go hand-in-hand — not surprising coming from the lead programmer of Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D, and the id Tech game engines.

While it sounds like the team might simply be dog-fooding by working on demos to help showcase what the Oculus Rift can do — getting ideas of how it needs to help developers in the process — Iribe says that the company will be hiring more game developers too. "You'll see more and more game developers showing up" if you pay attention to the company's careers page, says the CEO.