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MiP is a balancing robot that works with your smartphone

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Gallery Photo: MiP robot hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: MiP robot hands-on photos

Robotics company WowWee has brought its latest fun invention to the floor of ShowStoppers here in Las Vegas. MiP is a $99.99 toy-sized robot that's programmed to do pretty much whatever you want it to. In its default behavior, MiP responds to a user's claps and other hand gestures. Moving to other modes is as simple as rotating one of his wheels; a Track setting tells MiP to follow the movements of your hand; swipe right and it'll turn that way, move your hand up and MiP drives forward. Put the robot in Roam mode and it will move around freely while intelligently avoiding obstacles. MiP also supports some simplistic games and will balance objects ranging from soda cans to other MiPs on an included plastic tray.

But the robot is at its best when paired with a smartphone. Using WowWee's mobile app, you can tell it to dance to any song in your music library, or fight other MiPs rock 'em sock 'em style. WowWee has time to add more functionality to MiP before it ships; it's slated to arrive later this year exclusively at Best Buy stores for $99.99. And yes, the name stands for something: Mobile Inverted Pendulum.