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Panasonic's 4K OLED TV curves both ways

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Gallery Photo: Panasonic's curved 4K OLED TV
Gallery Photo: Panasonic's curved 4K OLED TV

Stroll around the halls of CES and you'll see plenty of weird things, but one of the more legitimately impressive sights is provided by Panasonic and its curved OLED displays. Six 55-inch panels are lined up in an S shape in the middle of the Japanese company's booth: three concave screens connect to three convex ones to create the shape.

It's really just a tech demo for Panasonic's OLED display printing tech, rather than a demo of any immediately forthcoming retail product, but it achieves its purpose with aplomb. There's still disagreement about whether curves really make a positive difference to TV designs, and convex ones surely aren't making things any better, but as a technical achievement, Panasonic's curved 4K screens are truly a sight to behold.