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Vapor Corp's biometric vaporizer unlocks with a fingerprint

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vapor corp vaporizer fingerprint scanner
vapor corp vaporizer fingerprint scanner

What if you could password-protect your cigarettes? It sounds like a dumb idea, unless you're a smoker with kids at home. Vapor Corp, a publicly-traded company that makes a line of e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and vaporizers, has introduced a very early prototype of what it's calling a "biometric vaporizer."

The device looks like one of the company's cigar-sized VaporX vaporizers, except with a fingerprint scanner. When finalized, you'll be able to set it to recognize your fingerprint. The device can recognize multiple users, although exactly how many is one of the details Vapor Corp has yet to pin down, as is the length of time that a device will remain unlocked.

The device can recognize multiple users

A fingerprint unlocking mechanism makes sense for a phone or a laptop, but it's surprising to see in a vaporizer. Vapor Corp claims it will be useful if you don't want your kids or your roommate vaping while you're away, and if the vaporizer gets stolen, it'll be of no use to the thief. The company also promises to introduce smart features in the near future, which is a little more convincing: scan your fingerprint and use an associated app to see stats like how many times a day you've vaped and how much nicotine you've consumed.

The biometric vaporizer will be available in the second half of 2014 for between $199 and $299, according to Vapor Corp.