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Lenco's glass-top turntable is a gorgeous version of your parents' record player

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Lenco glass top turntable
Lenco glass top turntable

Lenco's old-fashioned turntables were not only extremely popular in the 1960s, but they remain sought out today for their vintage design and modernized technology. At this year's CES, Lenco revealed its L-175 glass top turntable that connects via USB to your computer so you can play or sync your vinyl records. The design is a modern take on the classic, wooden Lenco turntable, made with a smooth glass top and a 300mm aluminum platter. It will be available in the spring for €399, and later in the year, the company will also be releasing a limited edition of its original turntable. For now, we'll take this sleek beauty as the next addition to our audio collection.