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This giant $499 E Ink clock will cost you time and money

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Gallery Photo: Twelve24 ClockOne hands-on images
Gallery Photo: Twelve24 ClockOne hands-on images

Every year, E Ink (the company most famous for the screen on your Kindle) trots out a number of unusual prototype devices to show how its technology can be used in other ways besides as e-readers — but this year's definitely takes the cake. Witness this meter-long digital clock with a huge E Ink screen. It's powered by a tiny watch battery that should last about a year and is a lot lighter than it should be considering how large it is. More than anything, it's a great example of the goofy gadgets that populate CES — it might not be practical, but it sure is amusing.

E Ink built the clock a few years ago as a prototype, but a Boston-based company called Twelve24 is actually going to sell the device, now known as the ClockOne. It comes in six different colors and it'll be available soon for the somewhat steep price of $499, but again — it's hard to put a price on a giant E Ink clock. Unfortunately, it's also not very readable, a pretty fatal flaw for a $499 clock. If you need to be somewhere right on time, you might not want to rely completely on this beautiful but impractical device.