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Jabra's compact Solemate Max can overcome the noise of CES

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Gallery Photo: Jabra Solemate Max photos
Gallery Photo: Jabra Solemate Max photos

Jabra is expanding its Solemate speaker family at CES 2014 with the Solemate Max wireless sneaker speaker. It's a larger version of the small and medium boom box-style Solemate speakers with complete wireless capabilities. What sets this speaker apart from the rest of the family is the Jabra Sound app that released with it. The app works with the speaker and Jabra's new Social Jukebox system to let you create and share playlists on social media with friends, and stream YouTube audio wirelessly. It also lets you control certain aspects of the audio quality like bass levels, which is good because initially the speakers don't have overpowering bass action. But overall it sounds crisp and was able to stand up to the roar of the CES crowd when we listened to it. Unfortunately it doesn't currently come in the fun colors like the smaller speakers do, but those are likely to come out soon. You can get the Jabra Solemate Max today for $399 on Amazon.

Jabra Solemate Max photos


Stripping off the cover reveals some powerful insides.