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Uber CEO defends surge pricing, promises rapid growth in 2014

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Uber NYC stock 1020 2
Uber NYC stock 1020 2

Uber has run into controversy this winter over their surge pricing, but in an interview today with The Wall Street Journal, CEO Travis Kalanick was unapologetic, saying surge pricing was crucial to a working transportation market and recent objections to the program were just part of the learning process. "We make sure people see it and understand it before they accept," Kalanick told the Journal. "If they accepted it and then they're upset that they accepted it, I think that's just people getting used to dynamic pricing in transportation."

Kalanick says his company currently has 550 full-time employees, but he expects that number to triple in 2014, possibly reaching as high as 2,000. He also addressed the company's recent regulatory woes, which have seen cities strengthening their black car regulations in response to Uber's arrival. "We go to a city when it's legal," Kalanick said. "We do well. And when we do well, we have regulatory issues. People try to change the law so that it's harder for us to grow."