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Teju Cole orchestrates his Twitter followers into a collective short story

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Novelist Teju Cole is trying out a new Twitter experiment this morning, letting loose a string of more than a dozen tweets that tell the story of a public heart attack. The tweets come from different accounts, only brought together on Cole's feed. The result is a story connecting more than a dozen unrelated people, all recounting what amounts to the same story.

One of the accounts, @MisterSimian, has confirmed to The Verge that the tweets were solicited by Cole in advance, suggesting that the work was written as conventional prose. Other accounts include comedian Rob Delaney, several writers, and Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC's All In. It does not appear that any of the accounts were aware of the full story before the event. Cole has tried out experimental works on Twitter before, most notably in the Small Fates project and his drone series, but this is the first time he's put the social nature of the platform to use in his work.

The story is embedded in its 33-tweet entirety below: