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Spotify's free shuffle mode arrives on iPhone

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Spotify logo (STOCK)
Spotify logo (STOCK)

Nearly a month after being announced, Spotify's free music shuffling service has come to the iOS. In a new update today, iPhone and iPod users can listen to music playlists they've made free of charge, though there's a hitch. Unlike paying users, freeloaders can only pick an artist or playlist they want to hear, and songs play randomly with ads interspersed every few tracks. It's a more focused version of Spotify's existing free radio feature, and it's designed to get people to sign up for the company's paid service. Android phone users also got the same shuffle feature shortly after it was announced, while Android and iPad tablet users have enjoyed the full version of the ad-supported service with on-demand tracks since last month.

A quick turnaround

It's a relatively quick turnaround time for Spotify, which has a habit of announcing things then keeping users waiting. That includes a music-discovery feature that debuted in late 2012 and still isn't out, as well as a redesign introduced last month that's still rolling out to only some of its users.