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Samsung decides to make its crazy bendable TV prototype a reality, will ship this year

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Samsung's decided to make its wildest prototype from CES a reality. The company just announced that it will ship its unusual — and impressive — 85-inch bendable 4K TV during the second half of this year under the model number U9B. As the name suggests, the TV can switch from a flat to a curved screen with the press of a button. The transition takes just 10 seconds or so. When we saw the bendable TV here at CES two days ago the company said it was merely a prototype, and executives even told the press that we wouldn't see the TV again during the show. It seems that interest in the television has made it decide to graduate the TV from tech demo to real product. The company's beautiful 105-inch curved ultra-HD TV (model U9500) will also ship sometime during the second half of the year. You can expect both to be exorbitantly expensive.