Dorothy is standing in the middle of a crowded hotel ballroom in Las Vegas. Toto is in her basket and her lipstick matches her red shoes. A group of middle-aged men come over, suits wrinkled and Coronas in hand. They sheepishly ask for a photo and she obliges with a smile.

There are actually three Dorothies in the room, but only Tala Marie can lay legitimate claim to the throne. The other two, she says with a laugh, are “business-corporate-slutty Dorothies, if that makes any sense.” I nod because it does.

Tala and her Dorothy doppelgangers are here because they’ve been hired for the Pepcom Digital Experience, an annual event held in a massive ballroom the night before CES officially begins. Gadget vendors set up camp in front of their booths and networkers mill around a giant central buffet full of braised meat and oversized hors d’oeuvres. Everyone pretends like they’re not trying to sell you something.