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Sunrise's beautiful calendar goes big on iPad, adds background updates

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sunrise for ipad
sunrise for ipad

Popular social calendar app Sunrise is now available for iPads as part of a free update that went out today. Now a universal app, Sunrise has a new week view, along with background updates to keep whatever's on your schedule up to date. The new week view is actually just three days on the similarly updated iPhone version, something that shows all your events by the hour. iPad users get a fuller view of the entire month or seven-day week. Sunrise also changed its logo from a flat calendar view to a red-orange sun coming up.

See the whole month at once

The update is the biggest for Sunrise since the company launched version 2.0 back in October, adopting a flat design to match Apple's iOS 7. As we've written about before, the app is more useful than many other calendar tools, letting you send texts and e-mails right from any event while grabbing all sorts of data from services like LinkedIn, Google Calendar, and Facebook.