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Good deal: Motorola offers free Chromecast with $399 Moto X purchase

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moto x chromecast good deal
moto x chromecast good deal

Is Motorola having trouble selling the Moto X? It certainly seems like a possibility. Only one week after a permanent price drop to $399, the company is now throwing a Google Chromecast in for free. The offer is only valid on the $399 16GB and $449 32GB off-contract models, and it's only good until January 14th, but it's the fourth time in the last few months that Motorola has tried to spur demand with a deal.

Or, perhaps, is it the Chromecast that isn't flying off shelves quite as quickly as Motorola hoped? Theoretically, Google subsidiary Motorola is still run as an independent company, and the Chromecast is listed as an "accessory" on Motorola's website, after all. Perhaps Motorola "bought" too many Chromecasts from Google and is now finding a use for them.

Either way, it's a pretty tempting offer. We found both the Moto X and the Google Chromecast to be fantastic products on their own. Assuming Motorola isn't about to drop the price again, $399 is an excellent deal for both.