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UltraViolet working on easier redemption process for adding movies to the cloud

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UltraViolet stock 640
UltraViolet stock 640

Redeeming the UltraViolet codes found in Blu-ray cases can be a confusing process, and DECE (Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem) general manager Mark Teitell is quick to admit that. At some point this year, consumers will likely start seeing inserts directing them to a universal redemption destination rather than a specific digital retailer like Vudu or Flixster.

"We haven't talked a ton about this, but we're moving toward what we call a common redemption approach where there could be a single destination where multiple different studios' disc packaging tells you to go," Teitell said in an interview with The Verge. "This will be a single destination and also a single experience, and we're working with studios to develop that and we'll be rolling it out this year. I think that's really going to help."

UltraViolet's redemption process, which sometimes requires signing up for accounts with multiple services (and even film studios), has been criticized as too convoluted. One universal code that could be used anywhere would substantially improve the process of adding movies to your digital locker.