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The Verge Mobile Show at CES 2014

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This is it, friends. The last live show of CES 2014. The last chance to see The Verge's Studio A (live, at least — there's always video on demand at our Verge Video CES 2014 channel). After that? It's gone, without a trace. Never to appear again if by "never" we mean about 12 months from now.

So let's say goodbye to the studio with Verge Mobile Show episode 075 — that's right, this is canon! Join Dan Seifert, Dieter Bohn, Vlad Savov, and Evan Rodgers (Chris Ziegler is out self-drifting or something) as they talk all things mobile, all around the same triangular table. 6:30PM PT / 9:30PM ET.