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Jony Ive profiled in Vogue as Apple Watch fashion blitz continues

Jony Ive profiled in Vogue as Apple Watch fashion blitz continues

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It's a big moment for Jony Ive. Apple's chief designer and his team spent three years crafting the Apple Watch before Tim Cook revealed it to the world last month. Now, Apple is trying to position the watch both as a must-have gadget and a luxury fashion item that belongs in the same conversation as the world's finest timepieces. When you're trying to make the latter argument, Vogue is a good publication to have in your corner. As such, Apple recently granted Vogue a rare interview with Ive, who for all his achievements is known for being private and avoiding the spotlight outside of Apple's halls. But on this day he was willing to give Vogue an early look at the Apple Watch, his most important finished design in years, even before Tim Cook announced it on stage.

And he's clearly very proud of everything that went into it, from the "real" materials to the satisfying click you'll hear when attaching a wristband to Apple Watch. "Isn't that fantastic?" Ive asked during the interview. "It’s fascinating how people struggled with wearing this incredibly powerful technology personally." He also offered some insight on Apple's overall design process as it stands in 2014. "I think what we sincerely try to do is create objects and products and ideas that are new and innovative, but at the same time there is a slightly peculiar familiarity to them."

Sure, that sounds like something Ive would say during one of Apple's oft-mocked product videos. Most of what he told Vogue carries a similar tone. But if you're a fan of the man or his work — and it's hard to dispute the impact Ive has made through his tenure at Apple — it's a worthwhile read. (And how about that lead photo?) If nothing else, you'll come away knowing that Jony Ive really loves techno. "When I design, I can’t bear it if it’s quiet," he said.