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This bent iPhone 6 poster is perfect

This bent iPhone 6 poster is perfect

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Billboards can be big and unwieldy things. Sometimes big things need to bend a little to fit into the limited space of our puny little planet. And sometimes the thing that's being advertised is so perfectly in sync with the billboard's shape as to require no further explanation.

The massive advert for the iPhone 6 above is purportedly from Berlin — a place where Samsung also maintains a big presence — while the promotional poster below comes from a store in the Netherlands. We can't yet verify the legitimacy of either image, but that's really beside the point. Either they're delightfully grand examples of self-sabotage or incredibly witty visual satire. Both work for us.

Update 1:15PM ET, October 1st: Our thanks to Verge reader Tom in Berlin who went to check out the crooked billboard and confirmed its unfortunate (for Apple) shape. The Dutch signage has also been confirmed to be real, as part of a KPN in-store demo area.

iphone 6 plus poster

Update 2:00AM ET, October 6: Thanks also to Verge reader Hal, who sent us this picture of an Apple billboard in Charlotte, North Carolina. The ad shows an iPhone 6 bent into an unnatural shape, but at least this time it's by the curvature of the building it's plastered on, rather than by a pair of giant, overly tight jeans.


Update 5:55PM ET, October 6: Another curved building makes for another unfortunate iPhone 6 ad. Though we suspect most people wouldn't give this one a second look if not for the whole Bendgate craze. Thanks, Shen Ye.

iPhone 6 Bend