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    'The Twilight Saga' is back from the dead, thanks to feminism

    'The Twilight Saga' is back from the dead, thanks to feminism


    Brands partner with brands to give teens what they want: more hot vampire action

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    Since in this day and age nothing good — or mediocre, even — should have to end, Lionsgate has just announced it'll be digging up its $3.3 billion Twilight franchise and dragging it through a social media-assisted victory lap. This latest installment will see five female directors taking the reins to produce five short films based on the PG-13 escapades of the famously profitable teenaged vampires. The series, called "The Storytellers — New Creative Voices of The Twilight Saga" will air exclusively on Facebook sometime next year.

    The program has also partnered with the LA chapter of Women in Film, an organization for the promotion of women in media. The participating directors will be chosen and, once anointed, mentored by a group of panelists which are reported to include Twilight's leading lady, Kristin Stewart; Kate Winslet; and series author Stephenie Meyer.

    The shorts will air exclusively on Facebook some time next year

    "We're pleased to introduce fresh creative talent to the Twilight universe as part of our commitment to female empowerment in front of and behind the camera," wrote the male CEO and vice chairman of Lionsgate in a joint statement; it's equally likely they're pleased to have a hand in creating viral shorts that will without a doubt spread like wildfire through the largely teenaged, female audience of breathless Twilight fans. Facebook, which has had some difficulty keeping up with the teens, probably feels similarly.

    There's been no word yet on who will be chosen to direct the shorts, nor on what sort of story they'll write. But if there's hope in this scenario, it's that the directors will take some cues from non-branded fan-fic and get whats-his-name to take off more than his shirt.