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Janée Meadows' posters will make you actually like 'Destiny' and 'Prometheus'

"It's like playtime."

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"I’ve got my trusty Wacom Intuos tablet pen in my hand," Janée Meadows tells me of her work process, "and The Alex Jones Show in my ears."

The Los Angeles-based illustrator has done design work for big clients like Nike and 55DSL, but she's best known for her film and game-inspired posters. While many artists take on those kinds of jobs as a fun little side project, for Meadows it's her passion. "I like the marketing aspect when it comes to entertainment," she says. "You have to get into the head of the audience. I think if I wasn’t into illustration and design, I would be into advertising."

This has led her to create incredible posters for games like Enemy Starfighter and films like Lolita, and she even made a fantastic piece for the 1982 classic Pitfall, channelling the wonder of the iconic cover artists of the Atari era. Sometimes these pieces are commissioned by clients, other times she simply makes fan art for a movie or game she's excited about. Sometimes it's both. When she made her own poster for the film Cowboys & Aliens, director Jon Favreau rewteeted the image, and movie poster house Mondo asked her to add it to one of its upcoming series. "As an artist you get to pay tribute to your favorite films," she says. "It’s like playtime."

One of her most recent pieces is a retro-style poster for Destiny. It manages to capture a sense of sci-fi wonder that's only hinted at in the actual game, and it does a much better job of selling the experience than Destiny's real cover art. Her art covers a huge range of pop fandom, but there's one thing she's still hoping to tackle some day.

"I would tweak out if I could work on something for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia," she says.

You can find more of Meadows' work on her site.