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The Vergecast 122: a meter of sweat

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Look, sometimes you just want to use a camera in a kiddie pool

Chris Plante joins Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn on this week's Vergecast to read his unstructured, free verse poetry about the HTC Re Camera. Or maybe it's Re Poetry. Either way, let's just be thankful that there's not a diacritical macron above the "e" in Re, that way lies madness. We also discuss Apple before taking a hard turn into talking about what's happening in Gamergate.


Where's the video feed? Sorry, for the time being we're focusing on just making a great audio podcast. We'll still do live video for the recording and we'll make the call on the video feed later, but for now please subscribe to the audio podcast. But if you want to watch the video reply, you can check it out below.