New trailers: 'Tomorrowland,' 'Dear White People,' 'Alpha House,' and more

All the movies and shows you should be looking out for


This week's standout trailer may be Tomorrowland, but there were still plenty of others worth watching. We've got 11 trailers for you to check out below — get ready, because there's a lot to look forward to on TV and in theaters this month and through the winter.


What is Tomorrowland? We're still not totally sure, but this week we finally got a peek at Brad Bird (The Incredibles) and Damon Lindelof's (Lost) mysterious new movie. It looks magical in a way that's perfect for Disney, and we can't wait to see more. It's scheduled to hit theaters on May 22nd.

Dear White People

I'm not even going to bother describing how insanely smart and funny this movie looks: just watch its latest trailer. Dear White People looks like it's going to be a must watch. It'll be out October 17th.

Alpha House

Amazon hasn't been wildly successful with original programming, but one of its bigger hits is about to return for its second season. Alpha House Season 2 debuts October 24th, when all of its episodes will be made available on Prime Instant Video.

Everything Will Change

The Postal Service's one and only album is a pretty meaningful listen for a whole lot of people, and so it was pretty exciting when they briefly reunited for a tour in 2013. The documentary Everything Will Change caught up with the band during a performance in California to speak with them about the record.

Bad Turn Worse

Make sure that you watch this trailer for Bad Turn Worse, a crime thriller set out in cotton fields that looks like it has one seriously interesting voice behind it — just check out some of those first-person shots. It'll be in theaters and on demand November 14th, and it's already seeing some good reviews off of festivals last year.

Before I Go To Sleep

Amnesia may be played, but Before I Go To Sleep still looks like a totally creepy thriller. It stars Nicole Kidman as a woman who can't remember her past after a trauma, and she's trying to find out what exactly happened. It's in theater October 31st.

Camp X-Ray

Kristen Stewart plays a Guantanamo Bay guard who begins to forge a companionship with a detainee in Camp X-Ray. It's hard to tell if the film has nailed it just from this trailer, but it definitely appears to be interested in giving a close look at the camp's questionable practices and just how bad the detainees have it. Either way, the music in this trailer is pretty great. The movie's out on October 17th.


Will Smith stars as a con-man teaching a new partner the tricks of the trade in Focus. This trailer bounces between trying to look super cool and totally funny, finding mixed success with both. It'll hit theaters February 27th.


LFO looks really crazy. It's a sci-fi film and dark comedy about a guy who figures out how to control people using sound waves, to varyingly inappropriate results. It was already released internationally last year, and it'll be on demand in the US on October 28th.

Olive Kitteridge

It's made by HBO, so it's probably worth paying some attention to. This adaptation of the 2009 Pulitzer winner Olive Kitteridge stars Frances McDormand and also has Bill Murray on cast. It'll air across two nights, November 2nd and 3rd.

Life Partners

Looking for more of Gillian Jacobs before Community comes back? Life Partners finds her caught between relationships with her best friend and her boyfriend to goofy and emotional results. It'll be on demand November 6th and in theaters December 5th.

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