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Motorola teases Droid Turbo in red, then deletes tweet

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We've already seen the Droid Turbo's rear casing and read the phone's entire user manual, yet Verizon and Motorola still haven't even confirmed the thing exists. But now Motorola is starting to tease its eager fans; today the official Droid Landing Twitter account briefly posted a photo of Droid Turbo in red. The ugly kevlar design looks slightly better here compared to the black version that leaked last month, and the phone seems surprisingly thin if recent rumors of a gigantic 3,900mAh battery are true. Apparently the tweet's since been pulled; it's no longer on Droid Landing's timeline. But reports indicate it was posted without any text or explanation. Teasers are a bit less effective when we already know the ins and outs of an unreleased smartphone, but hopefully this means Droid Turbo will see release sometime in October. What else is there left to do? Expect a 5.2-inch QHD display, a 21-megapixel camera, capacitive buttons up front, and battery life that puts this phone in a class all its own. Let's go, Moto.