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Flight attendants want to ban electronics during takeoff again

Flight attendants want to ban electronics during takeoff again

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Flight attendants aren't happy with the Federal Aviation Administration's new rules that allow phones, tablets, and other small electronics to be used during takeoff and landing. According to the Associated Press, the largest flight attendant's union in the US — the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA — is suing the FAA in hopes of having its new rules overturned. The union argues that use of small electronics is a danger because they can become projectiles during turbulence and because they may cause passengers to pay less attention during safety announcements.

Airlines still have the ultimate choice

The union alleges that the administration failed to properly provide public notice and receive comments on the rule change. The administration did request and receive public feedback before making the change, however the union argues that it was not through the correct procedure. Ultimately, the rule change still leaves the choice up to airlines on whether or not use of electronics should be allowed.

After the ban was lifted last year, airlines quickly began allowing passengers to use electronics. According to the AP, enough major airlines have lifted the ban that about 96 percent of commercial passengers should now be able to use electronics during takeoff and landing — a change that passengers generally seem to be happy about. It sounds like it's bound to stay that way too. Though the case has been brought to a DC appellate court, the AP reports that the judges didn't seem to be buying the union's argument. "Airlines have always had discretion on how to handle this," one judge told the union's lawyer.