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The 'Ghostbusters' theme is back on vinyl and it literally smells like marshmallows

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Between a theatrical re-release and news of an all-female reboot, the Ghostbusters franchise has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, thanks in no small part to the film's 30th anniversary. Now, fans can expect the original Ray Parker, Jr. theme to get its own re-release on vinyl on October 21st, complete with a puffy, marshmallow-scented jacket in honor of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

The announcement was made at New York Comic Con this weekend. According to the Ghostbusters online store, the limited edition single, reissued by Legacy Recordings, will live on 12" white vinyl, along with Run-DMC's "Ghostbusters Rap" from Ghostbusters 2. Fans will also get a lenticular images from the film and a six-inch figurine of the Marshmallow Man. Only 3,000 copies of the single will see release and it's already backordered, but fans can press their luck on the official website.