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1 million people are helping Microsoft test Windows 10

1 million people are helping Microsoft test Windows 10

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Microsoft released its first Windows 10 Technical Preview at the beginning of October, and the company is now revealing that 1 million people are helping test the upcoming operating system through the Windows Insider Program. "That equates to a lot of people using the Windows 10 Technical Preview and sending us feedback," says Microsoft's Joe Belfiore. The software maker has received more than 200,000 pieces of feedback on the early version of Windows 10, with top requests that include options to remove the new search and task view buttons, as well as requests for a Start Menu animation or transition.

A lot of Windows 10 users are running the OS on day-to-day machines

According to Belfiore, 64 percent of all Windows 10 Technical preview installs are on actual PCs rather than virtual machines. "This makes us confident that a lot of the feedback is based on 'medium-term' use and not just a few minutes of experimentation," explains Belfiore. 68 percent of all Windows 10 users are launching more than 7 apps per day, and 25 percent of all users are launching more than 26 apps per day so it's clear people are using this Technical Preview on their regular devices.

It's not yet clear when Microsoft plans to release a new Windows 10 Technical Preview build, but one is "coming soon" according to Belfiore, and the company is clearly working towards acting on some of the early feedback. "Even though we’re just two weeks into this huge collaborative project, we’re learning a lot and we’re working hard to keep up with your enthusiasm and passion," says Belfiore. Those 200,000 pieces of feedback will undoubtedly shape Windows 10 in interesting ways, and Microsoft is planning to release regular updates as the company moves towards a final version next year.