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Mailbox email app for Mac opens beta to all users

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Anyone can now test out Mailbox for OS X. The Dropbox-owned email app has done away with its waitlist and is now letting all comers try Mailbox on the desktop. We took a first look at Mailbox's move to Mac in August and came away impressed. There were bugs, sure, and presumably some of those remain since Mailbox is still very much in beta; the difference now is it's a beta that anyone can participate in. No more waiting around for "betacodes." Mailbox for OS X is super fast and makes quick work of getting your inbox under control. And if you already use the mobile app, you can pass off drafts between devices or make sure a particular email is at the top of your message list the next time you're in front of a Mac.

Mailbox's swipe gestures can instantly "snooze" messages and have them reappear when you need them — you can push them off to later in the day or even the next month. Any chances you make on Dropbox for Mac are reflected in the smartphone app almost instantly and vice versa. If using Gmail in a desktop browser isn't quite doing it for you, or if other third-party email clients are falling short, Mailbox may be worth a quick look. And since it's free, you don't lose anything by trying it out.