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Stan Lee is working on his first Bollywood superhero movie

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Stan Lee is going to Bollywood. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the legendary creator is in the process of developing a live-action superhero movie based on Chakra the Invincible, the Indian superhero he created in 2011. While details are currently scare, Lee is already meeting with top Bollywood directors and actors for the eventual adaptation.

Chakra the Invincible follows the adventures of Raju Rai, a tech genius living in Mumbai. Using a power suit designed to convert his body's chakras into superpowers, he defends the city from threats like his arch-enemy Boss Yama. The property has already seen success in India, with an animated series launching on Cartoon Network India last year. The film, tentatively scheduled to start production by late 2015, will follow an older Rai in his fight against evil. While Lee wouldn't reveal who might star in the film, he did say in a statement, "We've set up some great meetings already with some of the most amazingly talented actors and directors in Indian cinema, and I have no doubt that these individuals will help make the Chakra film a massive hit in India and around the globe." We personally hope Shah Rukh Khan makes an appearance.