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Anki Drive's AI-powered racing game arrives on Android

Anki Drive's AI-powered racing game arrives on Android


But mixed matches with iOS and Android still aren't possible

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As it promised last month, Anki is making its artificial intelligence-powered racing game available on Android. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, 4, or 10.1 (2014 edition) can download the app and use it to control the game's race cars for the first time. The game will also work on the Nexus 5, and Anki says they will support more devices over time.

Android proved challenging for Anki because the company's cars are controlled using Bluetooth Low Energy, and relatively few Android devices support that standard. But if you have one of the supported devices, you can start playing today. Unfortunately, while you can now control your cars via iOS or Android, you can't use both in the same game. The company says they're working to fix this over time.

Correction, Oct 15th: This post has been corrected to reflect that Anki Drive is available on the Note 3, not the Note 2.