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Google’s new Android ads appear days before rumored Nexus launch

Google’s new Android ads appear days before rumored Nexus launch

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Google has launched three new Android ads with what looks like a new slogan for the mobile operating system. "Be together. Not the same," appears at the end of each ad, complete with animated characters and a playful take on the message of Android for everyone. As Google prepares to launch Android L, its latest release of Android, the ads clearly enforce the idea that there’s multiple Google-powered handsets out there from the likes of Samsung, LG, and others, but they all run Android.

One particular 30-second spot features five characters at a bus stop, with a tweaked default Android ringtone playing when suddenly a giant device appears with Android L running on screen. "All kinds of phones for all kinds of folks" is the message, but it could also be a subtle hint at a rumored Nexus 6 with a massive 5.92-inch display that is expected to launch soon. All three ads have appeared online just days before Google and HTC are rumored to be launching a Nexus 9 tablet. Recent reports suggest the 9-inch tablet will be unveiled tomorrow with a $399 price tag, and it’s possible Google might choose to launch its Nexus 6 handset and Android L operating system at the same time.

Regardless of the potential Nexus launches, Google’s ads have also appeared just ahead of Apple’s iPad event, a perfect time for the company to remind the masses that there are Android tablet alternatives. With a mix of characters that look like South Park’s Terrance and Phillip, and Tag Team’s "Whoomp There It Is" and Montell Jordan’s "This Is How We Do it" featured in two of the ads, they're bound to appeal to anyone who is fond of the ‘90s.