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What looks to be an official product render of the Nexus 6 has leaked today, and it basically confirms everything we've heard to this point: Google had Motorola build a really big Moto X. The image was published by @evleaks and unsurprisingly shows Google's latest handset running Android L. The device's metal band appears to have a slate or blueish color, which could help differentiate it ever so slightly from Motorola's regular flagship.

But really, just looking at it will be enough to do that; a rumored 5.92-inch display means this phone is downright huge. Motorola has apparently moved down both the power button and volume rocker to make reaching them a bit easier, but it remains to be seen what software customizations — if any — Google has made to help people with normal-sized hands use the Nexus 6. We should have a better idea of that soon. Both the Nexus 6 and an HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet are rumored to arrive sooner than later. A larger, full-size render image follows below.

Nexus 6 fullsize